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Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Toolkit

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Toolkit

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The Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Toolkit includes program components from the Teaching Reading Strategies Reading Intervention program. This digital download (eBook) provides the diagnostic assessments, materials, activities, and worksheets that classroom teachers, reading intervention teachers, EL/ELD teachers, and special education teachers need to remediate significant reading deficits. 

The assessments and instructional resources will help you fill the gaps as quickly as possible for your below grade-level readers. Written by MA reading specialist and classroom teacher, Mark Pennington, these program resources will help you pinpoint phonological awareness and phonics deficits and remediate with targeted practice.

Here's what teachers are saying about this toolkit:

"Used during our after school tutoring to boost DIBELS scores. Great product! Thanks!"

Stephanie Pope

"Your reading assessments made me 'the hit' at our SHARE faculty meeting!"

Jane Farris

Want to see lesson samples? Preview This Book

Here's what this toolkit offers:

*Five whole-class phonemic awareness, one alphabetic assessment, and two phonics diagnostic assessments with audio files and a recording matrix. Easy and quick to administer, grade, and record. Each of the tests has been field tested and the results are reliable and prescriptive. 

*Extensive alphabetic and phonemic awareness activities that perfectly correspond with the diagnostic assessments. Practice the New Alphabet Song (Mp3 file) and fill in the gaps to ensure a solid foundation for learning the phonetic code. Activities have been designed to appeal to kids of all ages and build on their oral language skills.

*Small group phonics workshop activities and worksheets that exactly correspond with the vowel sounds and consonant blends phonics assessments. Each of the seven phonics workshops includes four lessons (guided instruction and independent practice) and a short formative assessment to ensure mastery of each phonics component. Of course, answers are provided.

*Online links add additional practice for the phonics workshops.

*Colorful animal sound-spelling cards (digital) for phonics games and practice. The animals are photographs, not cartoons.

*Comprehensive sound-by-sound spelling blending instructional sequence and daily 5-minute blending practice

*Accompanying video training modules. The directions are clear and complete. This is a user-friendly program and is perfect for new and veteran teachers alike. 

You, your students, their parents, and your administrator will see measurable results with the Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Toolkit.

Materials in the Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Toolkit have been selected from the comprehensive reading intervention curriculum: Teaching Reading Strategies, by the same author. 

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