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Reading and Spelling Game Cards

Reading and Spelling Game Cards

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The 586 Reading and Spelling Game Cards are included in the author's Teaching Reading Strategies program and correspond to the instructional scope and sequence of this reading intervention program. These digital files (teachers print and cut on cardstock) have been designed to support explicit and systematic phonics-based reading and spelling instruction. Although keyed to the Teaching Reading Strategies program, the game cards can also supplement any reading or spelling program. For example, the game cards use each of the sound-spellings found in the Open Court programs.

The cards are formatted for business card size, so they are ideal for spreading out on small surface areas (such as student desks) to play blending and spelling games. Print back-to-back or single-sided.

Reading and spelling card games are fully explained and categorized according to level of difficulty to match instructional levels within the Teaching Reading Strategy program and corresponding student reading levels.

Each game card set includes the following:

  • 43 animal sound-spelling vowel, vowel team, and consonant cards 
  • 45 consonant blend cards
  • 60 alphabet cards (including upper and lower case with font variations)
  • 90 rimes cards with example words
  • 108 sight-spelling "outlaw" word cards
  • 60 high frequency Greek and Latin prefix and suffix cards with definitions and example words
  • 60 vowel and vowel team spelling cards
  • 90 consonant and consonant blend spelling cards
  • 30 commonly confused homonyms with context clue sentences
  • 60 most-often misspelled challenge word cards

The Reading and Spelling Game Cards are used for explicit and systematic phonics instruction and practice. The Teaching Reading Strategies reading intervention program (by the same author) provides whole class instruction, small group assessment-based instruction with 13 diagnostic assessments and targeted activities and worksheets, a complete fluency program using YouTube expository modeled readings at three different speeds and levels, and a complete comprehension program. Also check out the corresponding set of 54 Sam and Friends Phonics Books.

Your students will love these game cards! 

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