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The RUNLAW Method

The RUNLAW Method

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The RUNLAW Method (eBook) is a simple approach designed to help young writers analyze and outline essay questions for the purpose of creating a detailed writing plan. It is suitable for use in the upper elementary grades through high school. Students learn to really read an essay question, to understand what it is and what it asks them to do. They learn to prepare carefully before writing, to outline effectively, to gather, analyze, and order information, and most importantly, to thoroughly address all parts of an essay prompt and stay on topic while doing so. 

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If your district is anything like mine, writing is becoming more crucial with each passing year. There are district and state writing assessments to deal with, the good writing that is expected in every class and in all content areas, and the common core standards in the pipeline and heading our way. Our students are expected to write more often and with more sophistication, and teachers in all subject areas are expected to make it happen. Teachers in all content areas need an approach to writing planning and organization. The RUNLAW Method fills this need.

Detailed Teaching Plan

The RUNLAW Method includes three weeks of detailed lesson plans. Each lesson has three parts: Goals to establish a lesson's objectives; Materials to organize all resources and supplies necessary for delivery of the lesson; and Homework to provide for outside practice of a lesson's goals. The text of each lesson clearly develops the lesson's goals and leads the teacher, step by step, through the implementation process. Each purchase includes all resources necessary for efficient implementation: the detailed teaching plan, sample essay prompts, clear examples to illuminate the process, and useful teaching tips to help keep things moving along smoothly.

Sample Essay Prompts

The program comes with six sample essay prompts that show how The RUNLAW Method can be used in the various content areas. Language arts, social studies, and science are represented. The sample set is rounded out with a couple of high interest questions to show how just about any topic of interest to your students can be turned into an essay prompt and writing opportunity.

Clear Examples and Quick Navigation

All lessons include clear examples for each concept as it is introduced. In the margin adjacent to the text in each lesson, there are small thumbnail images of the concepts being taught that provide useful visual accompaniment to the text as the lesson unfolds. Printable full page versions of the thumbnail images are included in the appendix section.

Teaching Tips

Helpful teaching tips, culled from the many years of RUNLAW's development, are also included to help streamline implementation. These tips will save you time and help streamline organization and delivery of the program.Simply put, The RUNLAW Method is the most effective way to help your students learn how to plan and dig into an essay on their own.


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